New Series ‘YOU’ Stuns Audience


McKenzie Duke, Reporter

The physiological thriller YOU, seen on Netflix, has left each watcher at a loss for words. The ten episode series has been a Netflix sensation.

The show features Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, who falls in love with a customer, Guinevere Beck. Throughout the series it captures Joe’s love for Beck, stopping at nothing to get her to be his one and only. However, this is not a normal romance series but rather a stalker and his prey/love. Yes, a story that we are accustomed to seeing but YOU is from the perspective of Joe, the stalker, very uncommon.

While watching YOU tons of emotions and thoughts were running through my head. How far will Joe go to acquire Beck’s love? Will he get caught? Does he realize what he is doing is wrong? The best and, at times, most unsettling part of the show is how gradually it reveals that the main character of the show really is just insane.

In my opinion, shows such as this push the envelope and create mystery behind these issues which embodies a good series. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a classic thriller, and is intrigued by a psychotic perspective. “YOU” is a must watch.