Is Bird Box the movie for you ?

Kayla Guevara, reporter

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     Bird Box is a movie about an unseen entity that takes form into your worst fears and drives the society to suicide. After 5 years of fighting the entity , Sandra Bullock starring as Malorie decides to leave with her two children after a man on the radio says that there is a safe place down the river.

     You may have seen memes on social media about Bird Box and you may have heard people talking about how good or bad of a movie this is. It truly depends on what you find interesting.

     This movie is very interesting and it is eye opening. I am going to be one of the many people that have said it is a good movie. As you watch the movie it makes you think about what you would do if you were in the situation that Malorie is in , even though it is a fictional movie. If you are emotional then you might shed a tear or two. Bird Box leaves you with suspense and it is also a nail-biter. You don’t know what to expect and just when you think something is going to happen, the total opposite happens. I really enjoyed this and I highly recommend it.  

     Can you keep your blindfold on or will you come face to face with your worst fears ?