6 Things to Always Keep in Your Car

Mike Gonzales, Reporter

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As any driver can confirm, there are many problems we can face when driving, especially when going on road trips and other long distances. The problems we can encounter vary from a flat tire, empty gas tank, spills, and other avoidable issues. As the number of teen drivers increases, teenagers are in need of as many tips and help that they can get. With this list of six items you should always keep in your car, you can help prevent those unpredictable situations.


  1. Crank-style or Solar Powered Flashlight


Have you ever tried to change your tire at night? If so, you know well that a flashlight can come in handy when on the road at night. Whether you’re stranded, needing maintenance, or just need to let your dog use the restroom outside, a flashlight will easily become an on the road necessity.


    2) Jumper Cables


While there are millions of helpful drivers that can come to your aid at the instance of a dead battery, you can’t always count on being accompanied on the road. Dead batteries almost always happen at the most random times, so keeping a pair of self charged jumper cables is the smartest way to avoid a dead battery.


     3) Printed Map


In the age of GPS and Siri, a printed map seems like one of the most irrelevant objects a person could possibly have in their car. While this is partially true, what are you going to do when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with absolutely no service? Whipping out a printed map is the best option in comparison to aimlessly driving in hopes of getting to your destination.


        4) Portable Radio


You’re driving through the middle of nowhere headed to God knows where, and you’re reliable phone doesn’t have service and the car radio is giving nothing but static. Everything seems like it’s going well, until you start seeing dark clouds rolling over the hills and the sound of thunder seems to get louder and louder. The only way to know what weather might be coming and what roads are best to take is a portable radio.


         5) Phone Charger


No feeling is worse than when your phone dies, especially when using it in the car for music or a GPS. A phone charger is the only way to know you won’t lose your GPS or have to go through the excruciating car ride of silence.


          6) Snacks


This final item, while it seems less important, can actually become a life saver. Snacks can come in handy in a major situation, such as being stranded with no civilization within miles, or it can come in handy in a small situation such as a long car ride and hungry passengers. No matter the importance of the situation, snacks are the perfect way to please hungry passengers and save your life.