Netflix’s Newest Original: The Umbrella Academy

Mike Gonzales, Reporter

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Netflix originals are notorious for their extremely diverse and captivating tv shows and movies. That standard has been successfully held up with the newest Netflix Original, “The Umbrella Academy” which is based off of the Umbrella Academy comic books (written by Gerard Way) and stars celebrities Ellen Page and Kate Walsh. This newest tv show has been one of the most talked about series’ since it has been released, and continues to capture a large audience.


The Umbrella Academy is a superhero series that follows the family of seven kids with gifted abilities who were adopted by a millionaire with the goal of making the perfect superhero team. While some of the series is focused on their childhood, the main focus is on how they all live as adults and the struggles they face with their powers, reality, and for one of them normalcy. As the show focuses on all of these aspects of the characters, the show is successful in showing heartfelt drama, action, comedy, and sadness.


Since the show has been released (February 15, 2019) it has risen to the top 20 “Most popular shows on Netflix right now” list, beating “Thirteen Reasons Why”, “Daredevil”, and “American Horror Story”. As if this achievement wasn’t enough to persuade someone that this show is worth watching, the show has also succeeded in making its stars Tom Hopper, Aidan Gallagher, and Robert Sheehan one of the most searched celebrities of 2019.


Too much can be said about the Umbrella Academy and how much potential it has, so I will leave the rest of the judgement to the audience. Because of the widespread positive responses to the show and my own opinion, I would highly recommend waching the Umbrella Academy to anyone who enjoys watching funny, heartfelt, action-filled tv shows. For now, all anyone who enjoys this show can do is hope and pray for a season 2, which it definitely deserves.