Humanities vs. College

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humanities text

Simone Green, Reporter

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As the year comes to a close, students are beginning to think about the prospective courses that will make up their schedules. With precision and intense thought, each student chooses the electives and core subjects that they believe are the best choices for them, or are the most interesting. So what happens when a student has to change these plans? Feelings of disappointment, some irritation, and a flood of students pouring into the counseling office. This is the case for many juniors right now.

The school offers an English course to seniors called Humanities. In this class, students focus on historical and cultural movements ans their relationship to literature and art. The course includes studying mythology, photography, painting, cinema, and film. With a description like this, it is easy to understand why so many of our incoming seniors are drawn to this class.

Unfortunately there is a problem with the course. Most colleges only take Humanities as an elective credit. This means that if a student were to take Humanities as a replacement for English IV, the college they apply to might not recognize it, and the student would be unable to attend.

“It kinda sucks.” Junior, Emily Traugott said. “As much as I want to take the class, I would rather get into college.”

Many juniors, like Traugott, reluctantly changed their schedules from Humanities to either English IV or AP Literature.

“I’m no longer excited.” Junior Hannah Breithaupt said. “I really wanted to take a more interesting class my senior year, but now I’ll be doing connection points again.”

No matter the current disappointment, most juniors are still excited for their final year of high school.