The Problem With The 3rd Nine Weeks of School

Emily Traugott

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First of all, contrary to the seemingly positive attitude that a school is a beautiful place where memories are made, every junior at La Vernia High School can relate that this third nine weeks have been tough and filled with large amounts of homework and stress. To add, we aren’t being negative just to be negative, we are genuinely having a hard time.

As the first nine weeks comes to a close and the last week before spring break is in session, students have many due dates and tests before the nine weeks ends.

One student named Hannah Breithaupt says, “It is just so unnecessary┬áthat teachers give us so much work before the break because so many people can’t even be here to take tests or assignments because of vacations, sickness, or academic-related activities.”

This is a huge concern for students as some teachers say they will put in zeros for major test grades, even if they are not able to be there for a good reason. This not only affects the students class average but it can affect the students overall GPA for the year. As juniors, GPA is very important for college and applying in the summer, and many students can not afford to have a low test grade.

It is unfair to the student that can’t help that they are going to miss test day. If the student has a good reason for not being at school, then they shouldn’t face the consequences for it. This nine weeks has been enough to handle and having the extra stress of worrying about a missing test grade because you seriously cannot be at school is utterly unreasonable.

Juniors, there is still hope. We can get through this week, and we can get through this year. Nine weeks to go, and we are seniors with an exciting bright future that reflects the work that we have put into school this past year. Although there are stressful times, the work we put in will be worth it.