The Difference in Prom Dresses

Jamie Gilbert, Writer

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Prom is coming up soon so I decided to talk about all the different types of prom dresses out there and all the ones I prefer.

In 2019 the trend seems to be shorts dresses. I personally don’t want to be on that train but for the people that do I think it would look good. I just wouldn’t because in my head when I think of prom I think of  long dresses.

In 2018 the trend or the style that you saw everyone wearing was a two-pieces and I feel like we are slowly yet surely getting away from this. we have a lot of simple dresses this year and simple colors. I don’t think we are going to have a lot of mermaid styles and we might have some off the shoulder ones but not too many.

Pockets are big this year it seems to be the way to go with your dress and making it long enough to wear Crocs or any other comfortable shoe wear. I would like to do this but some people have a slit so you don’t want to be popin’ out your Crocs when your walking.

But at the end of the day no one’s going to remember your dress so really wear what you want to wear and go to prom for the fun of it.