Fine Arts Symposium

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Fine Arts Symposium

Simone Green, Reporter

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Beginning Tuesday, April 30th, and ending Friday, May 3rd, fine arts programs from prekindergarten to 12th grade will be presenting their work. Each day, a visual art gallery will open from 5pm to 8pm. On the final day of the symposium, the gallery will close with a silent auction starting at 8pm. The auction will include painted furniture and western art prints created by high school students.

“This symposium is a chance for LVISD fine arts programs to showcase their students’ work.” High school art teacher, Mrs. Mills said.

The importance of the art symposium is not only recognized by art program directors, but by students as well.

“I think it’s a great way to involve the community and present our art.” Senior, Morgan Steubing said.

“It’s good to have our art presented so that the little kids can see what they can accomplish when they get older.” Senior, Morgan Vajdos said.

Another senior, Luke Roswell, shared similar sentiments. “(The symposium) shows how hard art students are working and encourages the younger kids to continuing pursuing art.”

In addition to the visual art being presented, performances by interpretation debate and other theatrical arts will begin at 6pm and end at 8pm. Students are excited to not only see paintings and drawings, but also acting and dance.

“I’m excited and I’m glad that other fine arts programs, besides visual arts, are being included.” Senior, Lexi Deleon said.

“It’s a little scary to think about performing, but I’m grateful that interp is being recognized in the symposium.” Junior, Mike Gonzales said.

To add to the fun, face painting will be available and there will be $5 make-and-take necklaces for sell. However, for these events, volunteers are needed, so if you need service hours see Mrs. Mills to sign up. Hope to see you there!