Study tips for EOC’s

Nazarene Kitcher, Reporter/Writer

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It’s finally the last 9 weeks of school, you are either ready to get out, or not wanting to.STARR testing, Exams, SATs, and ACTs have become more prominent in student minds. Well instead of cramming information in your head for tomorrows test, here are a few tips to help yourself better prepare for those tests.

1. Find out the material is on the test.

If the teacher will not say what material is on the test/exam, use the notes that you have most recently used or old notes depending on the test.

2. Give yourself TIME.

Without time to study or space, you will not remember as well. With that, time allows you to study various material and to not stress out.



3. Try to use charts and diagrams.

With carts and diagrams, visual aids help you understand and comprehend things a lot better. With that, you see what it is being compared with something else.


4. Practice on old material.

By practicing with old exams, you will get used to the format of the questions and will not get freaked out as much. With that, maybe one of the questions you study will be on the new test.


5. Study in a group.

By studying in a group, you will be able to share each other’s opinions and you may come up with a question and they may help you and vise versa.




6. Get a good night of sleep

The night before the exam get a good night of sleep. Without sleep, it would be hard to concentrate on the exam.