The Met Gala: Success or Failure?

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The Met Gala: Success or Failure?

Simone Green, Reporter

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Every year, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, New York hosts the Met Gala. The event is held on the first Monday in May as a way to fund raise for the Costume Institute, which focuses on fashion design. Actors, actresses, musicians, and other celebrities show up dress in extravagant costumes attempting to match the year’s theme.

This year, the theme was “Camp: Notes on Fashion.” Camp fashion is defined as, “an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value.” Based on the description of the theme, the expected style of dress was exaggerated and slightly tacky. While some attendees were successful in their attempts to match the theme, others didn’t perform so well.

“YouTubers should not be allowed at such an event.” Junior Mike Gonzales said. “Most YouTube personalities do not have fashion expertise and it looked like a lot of them were dressed for the Kid’s Choice Awards rather than a prestigious event like the Met Gala.”

The most memorable looks of the night were the ones that were colorful, strange, and bold. The less favorable ones were those that were more suited for a black tie event. Men wearing suits and women wearing evening gowns were among the group of people who failed to shock audiences and who didn’t really seem like they belonged at the event.

“If you’re invited to the Gala, stick to the theme.” Junior Hannah Breithaupt said. “You could tell that a lot of people didn’t understand that they were supposed to dress dramatically.”

Despite these critiques, some viewers find that the fault lies with the Gala’s organizers rather than with the individuals on the carpet.

“Unlike last year’s theme, this one was a bit too specific.” Sophomore Avery Maldonado said. “A lot of celebrities thought that an outfit with a tassel, or a feather, and a big hairstyle would match the theme because they didn’t completely understand the concept of Camp. It’s supposed to be ugly and ironic.”

Unfortunately, the general consensus is that this year’s Met Gala fell short of everyone’s expectations. Hopefully next year the looks will be more fulfilling.