Jane the Virgin Season Three Review


Emily Traugott

If you have been watching Jane the Virgin over the years, you would know that season three is the last season. The telenovela, soap opera style show with an American twist has been one of my favorites from 2018 and now 2019. Season two ended with Jane’s life completely different than before.

Michael passed away, and she was so excited to move further with Rafel.

To no surprise, however, Michael was never actually dead.

Season three has been a whirlwind so far, as Jane is trying to decide what to about her relationship with Rafel and whether to explore her relationship again with Micheal. All of these new things have led Mateo not to understand what was going on with his mom and real dad. The is struggle within Jane and Mateo’s relationship as Rafel and Jane take a break for a while regarding the issues with Michael.

The season also surrounds the idea that the Sin Rostro is still somehow connected to Micheal and the crimes she has committed. Micheal and Jane are struggling to find out what the real reason for Micheals memory removal and why the drug lord would have such an issue with Michael remembering something.

So far, I have enjoyed this story plot, as it has been exciting and kept me on my toes while giving me the development of possible relationships and other possibilities. The show has stayed true to the tone is has had since the first season and still has incredible character development and drama. You will never get tired of this show because you always want to know what happens next. The show is refreshing, inspiring, and fun to watch. If you love romance, drama, and humor shows, Jane the Virgin has all of it.