“All American” is a hit!

Nicole Utt, feature/ news editor

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The new release “All American” on Netflix has left the audience craving for more. The sports based drama series focuses o the life of an uprising  high school football player. The first season, consisting of 16 episodes, has intrigued fans of sports and drama.

The show features Spencer James, an athletic football player from Crenshaw High School. Growing up without a father figure and on a bad side of town, Spencer has a tough exterior until he meets Beverly High’s football coach, Billy Baker. When given an undeniable offer to play at Beverly High, Spencer James moves into Coach Baker’s house with Baker’s wife and two children. Throughout the season, the audience gets to see the struggles Spencer goes through with sport, friends, and family. Spencer struggles to find and accept his father who had left him as a child while also battling teammates and Baker’s kids.

Watching “All American” is an adrenaline rush. The TV drama, inspired by a true story, has a way of drawing in the audience with gossip, love, and family issues. “All American” is a great watch and definitely recommended if you want something binge-worthy.

“All American” has left many craving more, thankfully rumors have said that season two is on the way! This show is realistic, funny, and heart stopping and many more should enjoy this series.