La Vernia Goes to NIETOC

Mike Gonzales, Reporter

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NIETOC, also known as the National Individual Event Tournament of Champions, took place from Friday May 10, to Sunday May 12 this year. This national speech tournament brings the top speech teams together to one tournament to compete for the national champion title. This year the competition was held in Omaha, Nebraska and hosted about 900 competitors from across the United States. As someone who was among those 900 competitors, I can say that these three anxiety-filled days were an amazing opportunity that many of us left thinking of it being a great and useful experience.


“To even compete at a national tournament with some of the most talented people in the country is an amazing achievement” Junior Abigail Robertson said, “My goal is to qualify again next year and hopefully get farther in the competition than I did this year, as a senior that will be an amazing way to end the year.”


With La Vernia taking two of its team members to this competition, Abigail Robertson and Mike Gonzales (me), no national champion title was gained, but doesn’t seem to be too far of a goal to set for next year. With practice and time the La Vernia speech team has the means to send back both and potentially even more team members to the competition next year.


“I am incredibly proud of my team and what they have achieved this year, with state and national qualifiers I was pleased to take these two students to the national competition. I believe that with the experience they got at this tournament and their dedication, they have a major chance of getting even further next year.”


Speech and Debate coach Noah Recker said, “I’m excited to see how my team does next year and how they improve.”


With students already getting ready for next year and preparing for the competition that awaits, it is going to be an exciting time to see how far the team can go after such a successful year. There are no set dates and times for next year’s schedule, but based off of recent years it wouldn’t be a surprise to see even more state and national qualifiers make it next year.