Is Netflix Increasing Its Prices?

Mike Gonzales, Reporter

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Netflix, one of the world’s top streaming services along with Hulu and Amazon, has announced they could be raising their price rates soon. The company has recently let this news statement out saying that the price increase could come as soon as May 2019, and this isn’t the first time this has happened. When Netflix was a newer streaming service the price to gain access was cheaper than it currently is now, and by the looks of it prices seem like they could double from their original cost later this year.


The reason for the newest increase is said to be to “continue investing in great entertainment and improving the overall Netflix experience.” Netflix company told press. Which basically means if the people want to continue recieving the content they desire they have to pay up.


As of right now the price for the basic Netflix plan is $7.99, the standard plan is about $10.99, and the premium plan is $13.99. These prices can seem fairly cheap to some people, but to the rest they find themselves asking if the price is worth the content. With each plan increasing $2, the question of the content being worth the money is becoming impossible to avoid.


“I love Netflix, and while the price increase is a little unfortunate I don’t mind paying the extra money, especially if that means increasing the quality of the content.” Netflix user Simone Green said, “I also can see why it would be a slight issue for college students and those who are less fortunate.”


While the announcement of the price increase has sparked loads of backlash in the media it still looks like the upcoming policy isn’t going to change, and according to Netlfix representatives it is for the greater good of Netflix as a company and for the quality content Netflix is known to give its subscribers.