Fall In Line for This Year’s Fall Show!

Mike Gonzales, Reporter

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   The start of a new school year is an exciting time for a La Vernia student. As football, volleyball, and many other seasons are beginning, the community has many events to look forward to. One of the events being the annual Fall Show the high school theater group puts on. Each year it has been a hit, and it’s hardly a question to whether this year will be different. The past year’s theme for the Fall Show was Christmas, while this year’s theme hasn’t been announced yet, we trust it’s going to be of good taste. “This year we are trying to do things a little more different.” said Matthew Scharff.  

   Auditions for the play have already been held, and for the students participating and coaches (Mr. Scharff and Mr. Ramon) right now is an exciting and busy time. The next step for them is to practice and put together the play for the community to see. I speak for most of the community when i say that we are grateful to have such a dedicated team. If you or someone you know appreciate Fine Arts or La Vernia High School, I encourage you to attend the play later in the year and show the school your support. The theater students are currently holding a fundraiser to help pay the expenses of the play and would greatly appreciate your participation. If you are interested you can contact any One-Act student or the La Vernia High school office. It would be greatly appreciated and immensely helpful to the program and its students/coaches. “The more people that participate in the fundraiser the more freedom we will have to make this play enjoyable.” A statement from Abby Robertson, an actress in this year’s play.

    Further information as to when the play will be held, when the tickets will go on sale, and what the program will be are to be expected later in the year. The only information we have on when the play should take place is this following statement from the coach, Matthew Scharff, “Our goal this year is to have the play sooner than usual, hopefully before Thanksgiving break.”  As we close in on the time of year the play is going to be held, the school will appreciate the community’s support and acknowledgment. Make sure to keep up with future postings and get your tickets once they go on sale!