The Trio We Never Thought We Needed: LSD

Mike Gonzales, Reporter/Writer

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Finding good music in today’s society can be  considered both a challenge and easier than ever. There’s no doubt that finding the new singles from LSD, a trio group formed by musical superstars Sia, Labrynth, and Diplo, was an easy find as it is both popular and musically genius.

The group released multiple singles in early August, 2018. Ever since the release, the media and society has loved both the group and their music. Junior Mckenzie Duke said, “It’s one of those songs you can listen to and be both chill and lit at the same time.” (in reference to Thunderclouds, LSD’s biggest hit so far).

As of now, the group LSD is a massive hit, and the mystery of whether or not the group will continue making music while pursuing their solo careers makes them even more interesting. LSD is not only made up of three of the music industry’s biggest stars, but also gives us music that is different and refreshing. This makes LSD the trio we never thought we needed.