5 Cool Things To Do Before Halloween!

Alanna Sacks and Emily Traugott

With Halloween right around the corner you might be thinking of some fun and festive things to do and buy, well, we have the list for you!

Start off the spooky season with the Thirteenth Floor!

Many, like us, enjoy the sensation of being scared. Well, for you fright lovers The Thirteenth Floor is the perfect destination for this spooky season. With monsters running rampant, and screams all around you, it truly is a great way to start off Halloween. Standing outside, there are the most horrifying monsters to immediately set the tone.  As you walk in, it is pitch black and goosebumps automatically run down your spine.

The “haunted house” is unlike any other, with many different settings to scare anyone and everyone. Ranging from libraries to slaughter houses, if you’re scared of it, they got it. The Thirteenth Floor has definitely thought of everything, as they have claustrophobia tubes, strobe lights and lots and lots of smoke. They even added a musty smell in order to truly transform this small warehouse. The warehouse was completely transformed into a terrifying area. Personally, we are horrified by clowns and, just as we suspected, there was one right outside the door.

If you want to be scared to your very core or are just looking for something fun to do for an hour or so we definitely recommend The Thirteenth Floor. With something for everyone it truly is the most horrifying haunted house we have ever been to and we believe others would agree.

Another fun thing to do during this holiday season is to buy spooky Oreos.

When you enter your local grocery store, you may notice there are many festive foods and treats for sale! From cookies to pastries there are tons of choices, however, one you must try is the new Halloween Oreos. In case you are wondering, in which you most likely are, these Oreos are worth the buy.

With eye-catching packaging, these Halloween themed Oreos sure jump at you from the shelves. We couldn’t help it when we saw them, and we put them in the cart with little hesitation. When Emily got home and announced to her whole family that she had purchased seasonal Oreos, the reaction was surely positive. So, this is also a review from her lovely parents who also enjoy sweet and limited edition sweets.

When you first open the packaging the cookies are in their traditional “sleeves”. But, each Oreo features a spooky design on each side of the chocolate pieces. Jack-O-Lanterns and bats make a spontaneous and entertaining display, along with double-stuff orange icing that definitely will remind you that Halloween is on its way!

We personally thought these Oreos were worth the purchase because of their fun twist, but also traditional taste. Emily assumed her dad also agreed when she went to have one and noticed half a sleeve was gone.

Truly, the only negative that you may have from Halloween Oreos, is the fact that everyone will want to eat them. Which also means these cookies are simply irresistible.

To finish, if you are an Oreo fan or even a Halloween fan, these Oreos are a fun, tasty, and festive item for everyone to enjoy!

Cuddle with your boo and watch these bone chilling scary movies on Netflix.

We love a good sister spook. There are so many scary movies on Netflix for the Halloween season. Some of these classic and new editions to Netflix will make you wanna cuddle your boo for a cozy night in. Such classics include, The Shining, The Conjuring, and The Sixth Sense. Creepy movies to keep you up at night are Coraline, Chucky, and The Boy. And of course, the one to make you sleep with one eye open, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. With all these horror movies so readily accessible you should have no problem having a sister scary movie marathon.

Chill on a breezy afternoon with friends and family carving pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition that you may want to continue this Halloween season! There is nothing better than chilling on an afternoon with family and friends expressing creativity and festiveness. You can even have a little family/friend competition to see who can carve the best one. This activity can create quality fun with family and a unique masterpiece to place on your front doorstep for the sister spooky times ahead.

If you are looking for something thrilling to do on a Friday afternoon a corn maze might be for you

Friday afternoons with no FNL? Bored and have nothing to do? We have a perfect spooky activity to do! In LaVernia the annual “Circle N Maze” is open usually on Friday afternoons from 6-10 pm and provides hours of fun and enjoyment for people of all ages.  For just $10 and a flashlight you can truly set fall into motion.