The Child Development class has been doing a baby project when students take home a baby robot for a weekend and get graded on it. There are many opinions on this project. This project is to prepare students and young adults on how to properly take care of a new born baby. From its loud cries in the middle of the night and randomly in public to wanting to be fed/burped for nearly 45 minutes, some people enjoy it and buy clothes or hair bows for it and then there's the people like me that are counting down the hours until I get to turn it in.

My friend Gaby and I had a baby on the same weekend and we would text each other how we are liking it. She says "I'm having way too much fun dressing her up, I bought bows for her." Then there's me who went prom dress shopping with it at the worst time ever and had plenty of people looking at me while searching through racks of dresses. Of course I had my mom take care of him for the majority of the time, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable. On the bright side, I found a beautiful dress for prom.

However, the baby project does have the same impact on everyone who does the project. It makes you realize how difficult it is for upcoming parents and definitely opens your eyes.

Jordan Jackson, Writer/Reporter

Oct 05, 2018
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